Tetroseal Wax Oil Rustproof  5 Litre

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Tetroseal  Wax Oil Rustproof  5 Litre


Tetroseal Wax Oil Spray is a heavy duty rust preventative based on a blend of waxes, corrosion inhibitors and dewatering agent in a hydrocarbon solvent. The product is designed to provide total rust protection for automotive vehicles and other equipment and machinery exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

Directions For Use

  • Kills exisiing rust and prevents further corrosion
  • Easy to apply aerosol
  • Displaces water from metal surfaces and vehicle crevices
  • Forms a flexible heat resistant film which will not re-run on the inside of panels
  • Extends life of vehicle and helps maintain value
  • Helps sustain vehicle safety by protecting vital support structures (chassis, suspensions mounts etc)
  • Silicone free for use in vehicle body shops
  • Compatible with material used in O.E. manufacturer



Automotive: Protects car underbody, box sections, wheel arches etc. Can also be used to waterproof ignition system (i.e. distributor cap, leads etc.) to help starting in cold damp winter conditions.

Agricultural: Protects tractors, ploughs and other types of farm machinery.

Caravans, Boats & Trailers: Protects chassis, suspension, brake linkages, winches, pivots etc.

Home & Garden: Protects garden tools, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, door hinges, gates & other iron.

Directions For Use

  • Shake the aerosol can thoroughly before use and then fit extension tube provided
  • Where possible when treating box sections, cavities etc. apply the product through existing holes in bodywork and under-pan. When treating larger areas spray at a distance of approx. 30cm
  • After spraying, clean valve by inverting can and pressing actuator button until clear

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