Unic UGC5005A Classic Spray Gun Cleaner

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The Unic 5005 is part of classic range of spray gun cleaners, this range has been tried and tested for over 25 years, with award winning models being part of the range. The classic range is compact, with high grade nonmagnetic stainless steel wash tanks, a 5 year pump warranty and reliability as standard.

Main features:

  • Manual wash
  • Dual separate wash tanks
  • Automatic wash
  • Manual rinse
  • Soak facility
  • Automatic air extraction
  • 4 spray gun capacity
  • Supplied with chemical water kit, UCF25
  • Lid lock safety switch
  • Twin air blow guns
  • Water and Solvent

Technical Data:

  • Height: 1020mm | Width: 845mm | Depth: 445mm
  • Air Input: 75-100psi /5-6.8bar | Air Connection: 1/4”BSP
  • Weight: 57kg