Cartec Waxcoat Carnauba High Gloss Protection

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Cartec Waxcoat Carnauba High Gloss Protection is the final step in Cartec’s compound and polishing system. The high gloss protective sealant can be applied by hand and is a silicone free, easy on/easy off wax containing high quality Carnauba Wax. Waxcoat will protect treated paintwork for up to 6 months and add another dimension of eye-catching gloss to the surface.


Cartec WaxCoat Carnauba Sealant contains special Carnauba wax and polymer waxes. Delivering an extremely deep gloss with an incredibly smooth finish for treated surfaces.


Features & Benefits of Waxcoat Carnauba High Gloss Protection:

  • Final step carnauba sealant
  • Easy on/easy off application
  • Apply by hand
  • Silicone free
  • Protects car paintwork for up to 6 months
  • Adds gloss to surfaces


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Cartec Refinish Process

How to Use

  • Apply using a super-soft microfibre cloth.
  • Buff off to a high gloss finish using a separate super-soft microfibre cloth.
  • Alternatively apply with a machine polisher at slow speed and soft pad.

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