SATAjet X5500 Clearcoat Edition

£530.00 - £585.00 ex VAT

Newly developed, special nozzle set for clear coat application



The SATAjet X 5500 Clearcoat Edition impresses with its newly developed, special nozzle set for clear coat application. The optimized material distribution in combination with finer atomisation allows users to achieve closed wetting even at a low layer thickness.

The SATAjet X 5500 RP 1.3 CC has been developed for the application of Clearcoats.

It’s ultra-fine atomization and larger fan size than its ‘sister’ 1.3 I nozzle, allowing for easier application of Clear Coats when an extremely flat gun finish is required.

It retains the controllability of the ‘I’ range of nozzle styles which has proved popular since its entry to the market in 2018.

Special Edition SATAjet X5500 Clearcoat Edition sporting a special clearcoat nozzle with the additional designation “cc” on the body.

This new design matched with red gun body and black control elements is sure to turn heads.

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Product Benefits


  • Special clear coat nozzle based on proven I-nozzle technology
  • Fine, homogeneous atomisation for perfect clear coat application
  • Closed wetting even at low layer thickness
  • I-nozzle jet geometry allows controlled application


Suitable areas of application


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1.3mm CC