Devilbiss PROV-650 Complete Air Fed Mask Visor with Waistbelt

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The new DeVilbiss Pro Visor air fed respiratory protection system has been purpose designed for use by
sprayers for use in non electrostatic applications*.
The technically advanced design provides the perfect combination of safety and comfort in the spray booth, with excellent freedom of movement.
The Pro Visor disperses breathing air gently around the lightweight visor at a positive pressure with no misting or discomfort, ensuring every sprayer can work at their best. The wrap around visor provides excellent and much wider peripheral vision, whilst the removable peak reduces glare from spray booth lighting. There is also plenty of space inside the helmet for sprayers who wear spectacles.

Replaceable clear visor covers are available in packs of 10 or 50.

  • Fully adjustable head band for best operator comfort
  • Removable peak reduces spray booth light glare
  • Lightweight, durable seat belt style waist strap design allows
    right or left side use
  • Wider peripheral view for excellent visibility
  • Audible warning device – alerts operator to low air pressure
  • Removable and washable anti-static shroud.

Warning Device
A whistle is incorporated to warn the operator that an insufficient quantity of breathing air is being supplied to the Pro-Visor. Should the whistle sound during use, the operator should vacate the spraying area immediately with the unit still on and check the air supply, i.e. look for crushed or cut supply hose. Each time the Pro-Visor is used the device should be checked in a safe area, to do this the headpiece should be worn as normal and the air supply reduced to approximately 1 bar or less, this will cause the whistle to sound, when the pressure is restored to a safe level.


Best Protection
The unit is ‘CE’ marked to PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and conforms to EN 14594:2005 Class 3A. It is fully approved when used in accordance with these instructions.
This unit has a resistance to flammability in accordance with section 6.9 of EN 14594:2005. We recommend the unit to be used between the normal atmospheric temperatures of 0°C to 45°C.
The visor is suitable for use in zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas with gas group IIA, Certificate : CE 572121, CE 656930.
The DeVilbiss air supply hose must be used at all times to maintain CE compliance. Only use DeVilbiss genuine spare parts, to ensure CE approval and safety is maintained.

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