Final Systems 2k HS Ultimate Clear Coat 7.5 Litre Kit

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Ultimate clearcoat from Final Systems is certainly a popular option for customers who want a variety of drying options.

Ultimate is a water clear, high solids clearcoat with excellent flow properties, superior depth of gloss, VOC compliant which is very easy to apply.

For applications ranging from the repair of individual panels to overall re-sprays.

Please refer to technical data sheet for full application details.

Product Features:

– Mixing Ratio: 2:1
– No. Coats (x2): 1 3/4 wet & 1 full wet coat
– Flash off: 5-10mins at 20 degrees between coats
– Air dry: 3.5 hours at 20 degrees
– Oven Bake: 15 mins at 60 degrees

Hardener Options:

Standard – 30minute bake @60degrees (20minute Infra Red)
Fast – 20-25 minute bake @60degrees (10-15minute Infra Red)
Extra fast – 15-20 minute bake @60degrees (10minute Infra Red)
Super rapid – 10 minute bake @60degrees (5minute Infra Red)

Technical Data

Ultimate Clearcoat