Global Paint Cup System

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Global Paint Cup System 4.0 is a complete paint cup system, ready to be attached to the spray gun (spray gun adapter to be bought separately). All parts are corrosion-resistant to both paint and thinner.

Global Paint Cup System 4.0 benefits

  • Flexible – allows the painting of sill areas or wheel arches “overhead”
  • Stable – due to the screw connection between the cup and lid, the cup always remains on the lid and gun even when touching obstacles.
  • Easy removal of the lid in case of emergency – without soiling the working area
  • Clean removal of the cup – by pressing the cup in, a vacuum is created, which empties the material passage when pulling the trigger.
  • Constant material flow
  • Very quick colour change – Cleaning becomes a minor matter

Available in 4 cup sizes: 180ml, 400ml, 650ml and 850ml

The Global Paint Cup System consists of five parts: the outer hard cup itself with markings for paint mixing, the soft inner liner, the lid and its mesh filter and finally the locking ring with stopper. The stopper has been specially designed to keep paint from drying.





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180ml, 400ml, 650ml, 850ml

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