Iwata WS400 Series 2 Non-Digital Basecoat

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The WS-400 Series 2 Non-Digital Basecoat spray gun from Iwata.  This gun features a brand-new special surface treatment based on PVD technology
(Physical Vapour Deposition).  The PVD coating provides a harder wearing and more scratch resistant coating, while also also providing a darker
more striking finish.

Anest Iwata and Pininfarina have carefully researched and developed a new design for the Series 2, while still paying
homage to the original WS and LS. For Series 2, we have refined the original design, resulting in a more contoured and
lightweight body.


  • OBS stands for Optimum Base coat settings.
  • The OBS nozzle have been engineered to produce a flat and even spray pattern with material throughout.
  • At Anest Iwata we have re-engineered the OBS air cap and nozzle, producing best in class performance
  • The OBS nozzle are classified as follows:
    – 1.3 OBS: for standard conditions.


Iwata WS400 S2 Base

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