Loctite 3090 Instant Adhesive

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Loctite 3090 is a 2 component, multi purpose, high gap filling capacity (5mm). Loctite 3090 has excellent bonding charateristics, making it suitable for a variety of substrates including plastics, rubbers and metals. It is designed for the assembly of parts with varying or undefined bond gaps up to 5mm, or for applications where the complete cure of excess adhesive is a must. The gel consistency prevents adhesive flow even on vertical surfaces.


  • Fast curing
  • Gap fill up to 5mm
  • Gel-based, non drip formula allowing vertical and overhead application
  • Precise and clean application with the syringe
  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C
  • Perfect for all quick repairs of broken plastic parts and all types of emergency repair
  • 10g Tube


Loctite 3090 Instant Adhesive

Additional information


Ultra Clear

Fixture Time Max:

150 Seconds

Fixture Time Min:

90 seconds

Gap Fill:


Key Characteristic:

Bloom, Low Bloom, Gap Filling, Excellent Adhesion

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