Lechler MC405 Macrofan Clearcoat

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Lechler MC405 is the clearcoat with ultra rapid drying with reduced energy consumption. Without compromising the durability or quality of the final finish, MC405 can be used for any type of drying, for partial cycles or with low performing ovens.


Lechler MC405 reduces the energy costs in bodyshops thanks to it’s fast application and rapid drying in low temperatures. It also provides maximum application flexibility and low level VOC emissions.


Can be used with several speeds of hardener, please refer to the Technical Data information for the correct hardener to be used for your repair. (This can be found under the ‘Support’ tab of this product)


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy and flexible application, allowing good final results under all conditions
  • High coverage
  • Quick low bake drying, also allowing choked processes and not optimum spray booth temperatures
  • Good performance can be achieved by air drying
  • Easy to polish
  • Very good hardness, gloss and weather resistance


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