Mipa CX11 2K Express Clearcoat

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Mipa 2k Express Karlack CX11 clearcoat is a clearcoat of low viscosity that generally does not require oven drying. Mipa CX11 cures very quickly at room temperature (20°C) and can be polished after only approx. 50 minutes. (More intensive polishing by machine possible after approx. 90 minutes)


  • Possible to save significantly on heat related costs
  • Reduces cycle times as the painting process is not interrupted by heating intervals
  • Particularly suitable for smart or spot repairs
  • Mixing ratio of 2:1 with Mipa HS25 hardener
  • Durable gloss retention and excellent scratch resistance


3lt Pack Option

A 3lt pack is available to purchase from the drop down options above, which consists of 2 x 1lt of CX11 clearcoat and 1 x 1lt HS25 hardener giving you 3lt of product ready for use.

Additional information



Pot Life:

40 – 50 minutes at 20°C

Spray Viscosity:

11 – 13 s 4 mm DIN

Mixing Ratio:

2:1 with HS25 (Lacquer:Hardener)

Application Mode:

Gravity Spray Gun (High pressure) 2-2.5 bar, Nozzle 1.2mm or 1.3mm, Spray passes 2
HVLP (low pressure) 2-2.2 bar, Nozzle required 1.2mm or 1.3mm, Spray passes 2

Flash Off Time:

5 – 7 minutes between coats
10 – 15 minutes prior to oven drying

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