Mipa CX4 2K HS Express Clearcoat

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Mipa CX4 is a high quality acrylic clearcoat that ensures extremely fast drying by oven as well as by air.  This leads to a considerable reduction in operating costs and increases the throughput. Another major advantage of this clearcoat is that CX4 can be polished quickly, especially when used with Mipa HX4 hardener.


Suitable for spot repairs, panel repairs and any larger repairs. Perfectly resistant to weathering and environmental conditions, resistant to yellowing and durable gloss retention.


Can be used with Mipa HX4 Express or Mipa HS25 Standard 2K hardeners.

HX4 Drying Times: 10 minutes at 60°C, 20 minutes at 40°C

HS25 Drying Times: 15 minutes at 60°C, 30 minutes at 40°C

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Mipa CX4 Clearcoat

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