Norton Multi Air Cyclonic Discs 150mm

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Norton Multi Air Cyclonic Discs will provide you with a complete sanding solution that will help to minimise your sanding time and increase productivity with 4 easy sanding steps.

  • The improved dust extraction technology extracts 25% more dust, and with the unique hole pattern increase productivity by up to 32% compared to conventional multi-hole sanding discs
  • The discs provide closer sanding as they are flatter and the abrasive surface is also increased which will allow a more consistent and faster cut rate
  • Due to Norton ceramic grain, which are sharper, cut cooler and wear more evenly, provides consistent sanding results
  • Using the Multi Air Cyclonic will leave an improved surface finish throughout the life of the disc

A simple colour coded sanding system, available in 6 different grades:

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Box 100 Discs – Stripping & Levelling – Equivalent to Grit 80-100

Green No.1

Box 100 Discs – Stipping & Filler Levelling – Equivalent to Grit 120-150

Red No.2

Box 100 Discs – Filler Finishing – Equivalent to Grit 220-240

Salmon No.3

Box 50 Discs – Primer Sanding – Equivalent to Grit 320-400

Fuschia No.4

Box 50 Discs – Primer Finishing – Equivalent to Grit 500-600


Box 50 Discs – Fadeout & Blending – Equivalent to Grit 800-1000

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