MIPA UV Filler Primer

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Extremely fast drying 1K-Filler. Dries with UV-Lamps as well as under sun light. Especially suited for small repair areas. Universal adhesion and ready for use.


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Mipa 1K-UV-Füller is a high-quality, UV-drying filler for fast and economic refinishes, which can be sanded already
after 5 minutes irradiation by a UV LED-Light or mercury vapour lamp. Alternatively, sanding is also possible after a
4-5 minutes exposure to direct sunlight. It is therefore possible to save significantly heating-related costs. In the
same time, cycle times are reduced since the painting process is not interrupted by heating intervals.


Further advantages of Mipa 1K-UV-Füller are as follow:
One-component system, ready for use. Therefore it can be used immediately and does not produce any paint waste
because of pot life-related hardening.
Substrates do not need be heated, which protects especially plastic substrates from deforming and overheating. In
addition, there is no need to observe a cooling phase prior to sanding.
After curing, this filler provides a very hard surface with excellent sanding properties.
Outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance of the filler surface
Mipa 1K-UV-Füller is perfectly suitable for partial car coatings and spot repairs. Very good adhesion on steel, iron,
aluminium and galvanized substrates. In addition, it offers direct adhesion on following plastic substrates: PU, ABS,
PVC, PC and PS. Further types of plastic can be recoated after the application of Mipa 1K-Kunststoffprimer or Mipa
1K-Haftpromoter (find more information about plastic types in the technical data sheets of Mipa 1K-Kunststoffprimer
and Mipa 1K-Haftpromoter).


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