What is Mipa PUR?

The optimum paint for large vehicles

The Mipa PUR HS-paint system is the answer to the question of the optimum
coating for large vehicles. This paint system combines economic and cost-saving
application with first-class finish and look. The large number of primers, hardeners
and additives allows solving all challenges related to painting large vehicles. It does
not matter if it is a first coating or a refinish – you will always achieve perfect surfaces
preserving the value.

The high light fastness and weather resistance have been proved by tests carried out
amongst others under the Florida sun and in the snow and ice of Finland. Using the
PUR HS paint system significantly reduces the environmental pollution and helps to
protect our environment, which already starts with the production of our products. The high solids content of HS topcoats lessens the solvent emission and consequently also
the impact on the user and the environment. The advanced
technology and the excellent properties of Mipa PUR HS
result in a-top-of-the-range coating system. Get to know the
new way of painting large vehicles!

A perfect system for all vehicle parts

Mipa PUR HS-Lack offers a wide range of colours for your individual vehicle design. This range is constantly enlarged and updated and comprises RAL, BS and truck colours, fleet colours and important passenger car colours.

  • Excellent opacity ensures material savings up to 30%
  • Fast spray application and drying times increase efficiency
  • Outstanding gloss and flow
  • Numerous variation possibilities for all applications
  • All solid colours for commercial vehicles, RAL and other colour standards are available.
  • VOC < 420 g/l

Mipa PUR HS is compatible with all colour-matching systems of Mipa car refinishing program. Besides the formulation software MipaMix, the Mipa Color System III and the portable spectrophotometer MipaMix SSP are also suitable to this paint system. In this way, colour matching is very easy and professional.

Quality from the bottom up

Primer and filler are the base of a successful top coating. The Mipa product range for commercial vehicles offers solutions for every substrate and every requirement. Adhesion, corrosion protection and filling power in different combinations, conventional or waterborne products – the perfect priming coat for Mipa PUR HS is always available. This system allows economical wet-in-wet coating structures as well as high gloss finishes with intermediate sanding.

The Mipa 2K-Acryl-HS-Chassislack available in several standard original colours provides durable protection especially for chassis. Its particularly high solids content and outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance make this paintthe optimal and efficient product to prepare chassis for heavy duty.