Why use energy when you can use air?

Air Drying Clearcoat

What is a Clear Coat?

A vehicle’s paint job generally consists of three basic layers.

The first of these layers is referred to as primer. Primer prepares a bare-metal surface for paint application, by providing a smooth, uniform base on which to paint.

The second layer of a vehicle’s paint job is the actual pigmented paint that is recognized by the naked eye.

The final layer of paint is referred to as a clear coat.

External Factors that affect clear coat application?

  • Temperature
  • Environment
  • Weather
  • Materials being used

What is an Air Drying Clearcoat? 

This is a clearcoat that cures using ambient temperature. It doesn’t require the use of a Baking Cycle at 60 degrees Celsius to cure the product.

VOC Compliant

Keeping within the legislation of the Paints Directive (Directive 2004/42/EC) – thus better for the environment.

Lower Energy costs

Rather than having to cure a clear coat with bake cycles at 60 degrees Celsius for longer periods of time, you can utilise the ambient air temperature.

Comparing to a standard clearcoat, air drying clear coats can be:

  • Dust free in 15 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius
  • Handleable at 20 degrees Celsius in approximately 60 mins
  • Polishable in 1.5 Hours at 20 degrees Celsius
  • Alternatively, this product can be baked, reducing the bake cycle times, – 5 mins @ 60 degrees Celsius Panel & Polishable after cooling.

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