FMF Explains – Ancillaries

Car detailing can seem like hard work, that is unless you have all the gear to help you along the way. This can be anything from buckets, cloths, brushes, towels and more. Let’s talk about ancillaries.

AutoBrite High Pressure QR Gun

One of the stars of our ancillaries range for car detailing is the AutoBrite Direct QR Gun. This great washer replacement gun and interchangeable pressure nozzle kit can be used to rinse your car with ease! Ideal for those hard-to-reach areas such as under arches, wheels, and more. The selection of quick-release interchangeable nozzles give you the power and performance you and the gun has a swivel connection as standard, no more tangled hoses!

Everyone has seen those hypnotizing clips on social media of cars covered in what looks like a foam party aftermath. Snow foam lances can up your car detailing game. The idea is that the products you use to preclean, clean and protect can be utilised through a snow foam lance allowing the product to sit and really dig in deep to the dirt before washing out and classically known as a contactless wash.

AutoBrite Snow Foam Lance Kit

For those with an eye for detail brushes big and small are really what makes the difference. They can be used all over a car from alloy wheel centre caps, to door shuts and engine bays. Allowing an extra level of disruption to the dirt you want to remove.