FMF Explains – Interior

What’s the point in making the outside fresh and clean if you can’t as a driver enjoy it from the inside? It’s one of those jobs everyone needs to do but how can you get it done and get it done well and easily? Let’s talk about the interior stage in car detailing.

FAB is a powerful, high-foaming fabric upholstery cleaner & stain pre-spotter that removes dirt, grime and water marks from all fabrics and hard surfaces. FAB will clean all carpets, roof linings, door cards, dashboards, seats and all plastic trims with ease with a single spray and wipe. FAB removes dirt and grime with ease, particularly good on fabric seats when removing watermarks and heavy grime. Extremely good on fabric roof linings removing nicotine stains and ingrained dirt. FAB will dissolve dirt on impact and will be ready to wipe away.

Pink Sheen is a versatile, specialist silicone-based cleaner and satin dressing for interior & exterior plastics, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Pink Sheen will leave a professional ‘as new’ look to your car and leave it smelling so good. Pink Sheen is also ideal for all your cockpit areas such as dashboards, consoles, instrument clusters & door panels. Pink Sheen also works very well on your engine bay plastics and rubber hoses.

Got beef with your leather?

Cleanse is a safe, pH-neutral Leather cleaner that removes dirt, grime, makeup, mud, clothing stains, milk, oil, jam, and sticky sweets from your delicate Leather surfaces.

Cleanse is a powerful, yet gentle cleaner that will tackle the most stubborn, ingrained dirt from the surface leaving a lovely Leather fragrance.