FMF Explains : Wheels

Cardinal rule number 1 of car detailing, start with the wheels. The wheel stage in car detailing journey is where it begins. Your wheels are the dirtiest component of your vehicle and by starting at the boots you will ensure any splashback after this stage from your wheels has no harmful grit or particles moving around to other areas of your pride and joy.

Wheel Cleaner

Amongst them is the wheel cleaner. This is a specific cleaning products designed to clean wheels. Wheel cleaners are specifically aimed at removing dirt that is most common for this area, such as brake dust, grime, mud, tar and several more. More than one product may be required to tackle the entire wheel and tyre cleaning process.

Wheel Brush

The right wheel cleaner, also requires the perfect wheel brush, to make cleaning your rims of dirt, grime and brake dust a breeze. There is a wide variety of options out there that can help you get into tight spaces in your wheel wells and ensure that every lug nut gets cleaned.

Enjoy fresh wheels

With the right equipment, you’ll have amazingly clean wheels. Remember, wheels are like your car’s shoes: They can complete the look! So keep them clean with our top wheel brush choices.