Increasing Body Shop Costs?

Increasing body shop costs? The cost of living has increased in the past 12 months. This includes our working environments. Especially when we talk about automotive body shop costs. We think about bespoke lighting, heating, machinery, and of course workforce.  


The goal, due to the nature of automotive body work, is to get the best finish to our work as possible. There for, lighting that allows you to ensure this is incredibly important.


Not only are they beneficial for the environment due to their energy efficiency, but they also offer fantastic directional light emission. As well as this, an LED paint booth light has a fairly long lifespan, saving you time and money in the long run.


Fluorescent lights are the most common types of lighting found in spray booths.  However, what differs from these lights to LED ones is that they are not directional, meaning they offer 360-degree lighting.




Powered by electricity, Infrared uses heat waves to heat people, and objects. As long as the heater is pointed at the person/object needing it, they will benefit from the direct line of heat radiating toward them. You can think of infrared heaters like an open fire. As soon as you walk away from it, you will feel cold again.


Forced-Air heating can use propane, gas or electricity as a fuel source to create heat and blow it through the workshop/bodyshops ductwork and vents, similar to electric heat or natural gas heat. Buildings fitted for Forced-Air heating will utilize an underground or above ground propane tank to draw from.

Air Filtration

The different types of paint booth filters include:

  • Air makeup filters
  • Intake filters
  • Exhaust filters
  • Paint arrestor pads
Filter Maintenance

Just like any tool or piece of equipment in an auto shop, maintenance needs to be done to continue quality work, retain power output, and prevent the breakdown of equipment and the associated costs.

Without regular replacement of your filters, overspray will build-up on your fans, plenum, and stacks, requiring costly replacements or repairs later on.

When to replace filters

The replacement of your filters will depend largely on the volume of use and the type of system you have, but there are other factors. These include:

  • Type of filter
  • Paint type
  • Booth design
  • Fan speed
  • Temperature
  • Spray equipment
  • Cleanliness of booth
  • How long you’ve had the filter without a change


New products are coming onto the market all the time. Overall, improved to help you complete work easier and quicker.  

Fisher Motor Factors can help reduce your body shop costs.  

Whether you are starting up and need a full site fitting or are a well-established body shop looking for new ideas. We’re vastly experienced in the industry and work alongside businesses throughout East Midlands. From Hull to Leicester, we’re here to help you! 


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