Meet Baxter Fisher – General Dogs Body

Baxter resides within #fmfcoatings as a General Dogs Body for our entire operation, bringing all the paws-itivity you an imagine! He may not have an extensive knowledge of the Automotive Bodyshop, Distribution and Refinish Industries but he is paw-ssionate about what we do.

Fisher Motor Factors are proud to be a dog friendly business. With that being said, rather than leaving your dog in the car, bring the furry ones into the showroom while we serve you.

Ten million, 34% of UK households own a dog, compared to 28% (8.2 million) owning a cat. Households with both a cat and dog are up slightly to 11% (3.2 million).

Wall, T. (2022) UK pet ownership at 62% overall in 2022, dogs top list,