Meet the new Rapidmatch GO from PPG

FMF have received delivery of the latest colour identification tool from PPG. Another top of the range spectrometer has been added to our colour matching tools to help achieve the best colour match possible.  The RapidMatch GO has been exclusively developed by PPG and utilizes five different angles of light, combined with white and blue LED lights, to offer users unmatched colour precision, while minimizing the time consuming colour identification process experienced when using colour chips.



Mobility and ease of use has been a key focus area during the development of the GO spectrophotomenter. It’s both light and small, so it can be used with only one hand, while the design makes it possible to make accurate measurements on curved body parts and even on wheels. The large display provides an easy overview of the functionalities, makes changing the settings of the Spectrometer easy and guides the user through the scanning process, ensuring accurate measurements every time. The touch screen makes the GO really easy and quick to use in the workshop.



Transferring data between the spectro and Paintmanager has also been optimized, so no cable is now needed. Instead the spectro can now transfer data automatically when placed in the charging / docking station, either through a USB cables between the docking station and the PC or simply via the WiFi network in the workshop.