Our New Paint Preparation System Products

We are excited to announce our Global Premium Range of paint preparation system consumable products.

As with most paint preparation offerings in the market such as Mirka and 3M it’s not only the Spray Gun Pot systems on offer and we are happy to say we are offering a great range of products that compliment each other..

Global Cup System 4.0

Introducing our new GCS 4.0 cup system. It’s our brand new paint preparation system. Not only does the new branded hard cup look incredible but the competitive price and excellent usability will have you wanting more.

Each case comes with 50 x disposable liners, 20 x Stoppers, 20 x Lids, 1 x Collar and 1 x Printed Hard Cup.

Global Mixing Cups

Our new mixing cups are made of high-quality transparent plastic with clear printed markings for fluid levels and mixing ratios.

From 400ml to 1900ml, there will be a mixing cup to meet your need as part of a paint preparation system.

Global Mixing Cup Lids

Pair these lids with the mixing cups on offer to protect your mix when it’s one of those days when you need to put a stop to something and come back.

Global Dispensers

Everyone loves a bit of organisation and our storage and dispensing solutions for our cups and lids hit the mark.

Not only do they look nice, but you can fold them down and back up and also wall mount them.

And they are recyclable!!!

Browse the Global Paint Preparation range on our webshop here!

Alternatively, call 01522 690 902 to speak to our sales office or your local area sales manager.