Why choose baslac?

We are proud to have baslac as part of our paint system offerings. But why choose baslac?

Stunning colors. Beautiful prices. It’s not rocket science.

You don’t need to be Einstein to precisely match a color. You just need to have the baslac e-finder Star in your hand. It’s a best-in-class color matching tool that gives you the best match first time, every time using BASFs best-in-class digital color database. Easy, fast and accurate, it’ll match any color so your repair times are reduced and your profits are increased. Now that is clever.

The perfect balance of quality and value.

Choosing affordability shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. And with baslac – it doesn’t. It’s the real thing, created using German technology with proven EU quality. As a brand of BASF, you can trust that the formulas and products from baslac will perform exactly as promised – each and every time.

High-quality digital training you can do anytime you like.

It’s that simple. We give you access to online training 24-7, seven days a week. With baslac, you’ll have access to our cloud-based training programs through our Learning Library including detailed information on process and products, support for technical questions, tutorials, videos, interactive quizzes and so much more. It’s all there in just a few clicks.
Education that’s convenient and digital. Just as it should be. Giving you more time to get
on with the job and increase profits.

For us, excess stock and excess costs just don’t add up.

It’s surprising how much some body shops spend on high-priced speciality products that are hardly used, if ever. We agree, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s why we recommend only storing core products that you genuinely use. Products that perform well without the high costs. Better savings, better value, better bottom line. Now that really does add up, don’t you think?

Pay less and use less, or don’t. Simple choice really.

It’s why baslac products are formulated to ensure you’ll use less product and in turn have fewer costs – rather than living with a super diluted premium paint. Yes, this saves you money, but it also improves your body shop’s performance and productivity. Now that’s an equation that does make sense. Spend less. Make more. That’s our kind of maths.

The team here at Fisher Motor Factors would love to talk to you about the full benefits and why you should choose baslac. You can also find out more at baslac.com

Call us on: 01522 690902 or Email us on: sales@fmfcoatings.co.uk