FMF Explains : Polish

So you’ve scrubbed and rubbed or covered your car in foam and sat and watched it work and rinsed it off and now you want to get that nice shine. Let’s talk about the polish stage in car detailing.

Hand Polish

Usually, a light abrasive product would be used to remove some surface oxidation and restore gloss. This product may also contain fillers and/or waxes to perform as an all-in-one product

Machine Polish

The process of removing minute layers of the clear coat or paints to eliminate defects such as scratches and swirls restoring the true finish to a vehicle. Compounds are typically used with this process; these products contain far more abrasives than hand polishes and usually don’t contain any fillers or waxes, along with machine polishers.

Whichever polishing process you choose, it is important to do each section of the car individually to ensure the finish matches up across the entire vehicle.

Glass Cleaner

Glass is something people often forget. Whether it’s light scratches or just finger prints, a good-quality glass cleaner such as Crystal is a must in any car detailers kit.