FMF Explains : Wash

The wash stage in car detailing, can either go really well or really wrong. Following a simple 3 stage system you can ensure you do your upmost to get that car clean over and over again.

All Purpose Cleaner / APC

Always use a pre-cleaner. One formulated to remove bugs and stubborn grime is ideal. Products such as AutoBrite Directs Citrus Wash, which is infused with citrus cleaning properties to safely but effectively lessen road grime with the benefit of being gentle to car wax or sealant layers, something that will come in to its own on washes later down the line. Spray this on the lower areas of the car, as well as any areas that have become bug-splattered.

Snow Foam Pre Wash

Snow foam can help to break down any stubborn dirt, as well as remove any loose particles from the vehicle, before the physical contact wash stage. Removing as much dirt as possible before contact washing will help to reduce the likelihood of inflicting swirl marks to the paint finish (most swirls are caused at the wash stage).

Safe Contact Wash

We would suggest using a good-quality car shampoo, further reducing the likelihood of any marring or light scratches or swirls, the deep pile allow any particles to be absorbed in to the mitt as opposed to pressed and dragged across the surface. Fill one bucket with wash solution, the other with plain water. Apply wash solution to the vehicle (washing from top down small sections at a time) – Rinse the mitt first in the water bucket before taking fresh wash solution to the car. This method ensures you don’t contaminate your wash solution and are always using clean wash water on your car.