Introducing Sagola

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Why are we Introducing Sagola?

Due to their long standing relationship in the industry and exciting new products being released we are very excited to be introducing Sagola and stocking Sagola Spray Guns allowing us to offer our customers an even wider choice of products.


Who are Sagola?


SAGOLA can trace its origins to the year 1955 and is fruit of the pioneering spirit of its founder, Alejandro Sánchez Larrauri. It began as a small subcontracting workshop for industry. After some years in the subcontracting sector, Larrauri felt the need to manufacture his own product and progressively withdrew from subcontracted activity. Sagola has recently become part of a larger company called Elcometer.

Sagola says:


We know that the best product is based on the proper development of what is demanded by the market at each moment in time. For that reason we constantly reinforce our training and sales and marketing personnel, which is in permanent contact with the market and its needs all over the world. The quality of our products is acknowledged in more than eighty countries. SAGOLA has a vast experience and owns know-how in the manufacture of professional coating systems.

For an understanding on what Sagola equipment you can use with your preferred paint system you can visit or alternatively the team at Fisher Motor Factors would be more than happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

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